Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Three ( of the four generations of farming with Andrew..

Reece riding shotgun with Andrew

Family is always first for Andrew

Thomas helping Dad

John Deere chopper in action..

Andrews father Paul, with a Deere & a disk

My name is Andrew Albert and I am a third generation farmer.

My family has farmed here in the Stillaguamish River Valley near Arlington, Washington since 1953. We had a dairy for 40 years and then shifted into crop farming.

Since beginning in 2003, I have expanded my operation from fewer than 100 acres to more than 1200, including 600 acres of grass, mostly orchard grass. I saw an opportunity to provide good, locally-grown feed at a good price, direct from the farm to the consumer.

What started out as an FFA project in high school has turned into my career and business. Farming is what I enjoy, and I believe that it is important to enjoy what you do in life, even if you don't get rich.

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Making Hay,

in ~90 seconds

(please enable your sound)

Andrew's family farm

(north of Hwy 530)

Aerial View of Our Farm

Andrews current family farm purchased by his grandparents Fred and Frances Albert in 1953. 

Andrews two boys Reece and Thomas are the 4th generation of his family to live on the farm.

This (4 minute) music video describes
Andrew & his hay business quite well..

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