Proper Nutrition Is Key

At Andrew's Hay we know that proper nutrition is the key to your animal's health, longevity, and performance. With hay being the dietary foundation for many ruminants and ungulates it is important to know the specific nutritional values to allow you to compensate for deficiencies, imbalances and possible excessive components. The look, feel, smell and palatability of hay can only tell so much, having your hay analyzed provides crucial information about levels of protein, minerals (including ratios), digestible and indigestible fiber, as well as sugar and starch levels. The results reveal what may be deficient or excessive in the diet, including non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs). That is why we sample and analyze all of our locally grown and imported hay; so that our customers can make better informed decisions about their animal's dietary needs and be confident that they are providing them with the very best nutrition!


Hay Analysis Reports

Below you will find analysis reports for all the hay we have for sale this year (2022). If you are needing a report from a previous year, contact us via email at the bottom of the page.