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Red Farm store at Andrews hay in Arlington, WA

Stop By Our Store

Weekdays: 10am - 6pm

Saturdays: 9am - 5pm

Sundays: 10am - 4pm

Come explore what we have to offer for beef, feed, honey, and more!

Chick Days at
Andrew's Hay

Chick Days will start Feb 19th. 

Our first run will be:


🐥 Buff Orpingtons

🐥 Rhode Island Reds

🐥 Plymoth Barred Rock

Clean Burn Pellets

New Arrival!

Great for pellet stoves AND animal bedding!

Clean Burn 100% Premium Wood Pellets 

only $6.00/ bag

white bag of GEM premier softwood shavings

GEM Shavings

We are now carrying GEM premium shavings. Northwest fresh and dust free makes it perfect for livestock bedding. Stop by and we will help you load up what you need. 

$13.00/ bag

Elenbaas Livestock Feeds

Did you know that at Andrew's Hay, we proudly grow the finest quality wheat used for Elenbaas Livestock Feeds? By choosing our locally sourced products, you not only ensure the well-being of your animals but also contribute to the thriving community of farmers and businesses in our region.

As an official retailer of Elenbaas feeds. We currently carry a large variety of feeds - Chicken Scratch - Layer Pellet - Game Bird Starter - Game Bird Maintenance - Pro Show Goat - Goat Loose Mineral - Pro Show Hog 18% - Hog Finisher 16% - Pro Show Lamb - Sheep Mineral - COB w/Molasses - Dry COB - Beef Pulp Pellet - Alfalfa Pellet - Country Critter (goat/sheep/cattle) - Rabbit Ration 18% -Haystack Special Blend ​​

Pile of bags of Elenbaas feed in Arlington, WA
Ad for grass fed, grass finished beef with a black cow

Buy the Whole Cow and Save

As the exclusive retailer for Stilly Select Beef, not only do we carry all cuts of beef, but we are now selling beef as wholes or halves for $5.75 / lb.

  • $800 deposit per half

  • Includes cut and wrap

  • Butcher dates available

  • Approx. cost for half: $1375 - $1925

  • Approx. cost for whole: $2750 - $3850

Stop by and put a deposit down to reserve your beef!

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